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From spring to late summer huge icebergs drift past our
island. Many come to rest in bays and inlets. Sea currents
control iceberg movement more than winds, so one may
be in an area for only hours, but may stay for weeks if it
becomes grounded. Most icebergs come from glaciers
on Greenland and take two to three years to reach our
shores. About 7/8 of an iceberg is below water!

Some icebergs will have streaks of blue ice running
through them. The blue ice contains no air bubbles to
reflect white light. The water frozen in icebergs can be
over 5,000 years old! Local businesses harvest, bottle
and sell this water because of it's extreme purity. Many
boat tour operators will gladly take you out for a
closer look at these magnificant natural structures!

For more information about icebergs and
where to view them, please Contact us!



Iceberg, photo courtesy of Peter Sansome
Photo courtesy of Peter Sansome




These beautiful ice
sculptures appear in
early summer.