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Thar She Blows!

Whales common to our coastline include Fin,
Minke, Dolphins and Humpbacks, but the
Humpbacks surely steal the show! They can be
seen from early to late summer and migrate along the
coastline following schools of fish on which they feed.

While in the Bay Bulls area you can take whale
and seabird watching boat tours including
O'Brien's Whale & Bird Tours, Mullowney's Puffin & Whale Tours, or Gatherall's Puffin & Whale Watch.

The community of St. Vincent's has a beach adjacent
to a deep water area where whales may be seen
feeding while you stand nearby on the shore!

For a complete listing of boat tour operators or for
more information about whales please Contact us!

Adults Humpbacks range from 12–16 metres long and can
weigh forty tons! They may migrate up to 25,000km from
cooler high-latitude waters in summer for feeding to tropical
waters in winter for mating and calving, making them one
of the farthest-travelling mammals!


Humpback Whales, Bay Bulls NL, courtesy of Mullowney's Puffin & Whale Tours
Photo courtesy of
Mullowney's Puffin & Whale Tours




Whales & Sea Life
abound just minutes
from our shores!