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Creatures of Nature

There is a large diversity of animals on the island
including Caribou, Moose, Black Bear, Lynx, Fox,
Ermine, Marten, Otter, Beaver, Muskrat and Hare.
Someof the birds that may be seen include Bald
Eagle, Osprey, Puffin, Gannet, Owl, Duck, and
Goose. You may see some of these animals
as you explore our shores!

Visit the Salmonier Nature Park to see a
close up view of many of these wonderful creatures!

Interested in birds? Visit Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve and witness 70,000 seabirds nesting up close!

Take a boat tour of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve
and watch North America's largest Atlantic Puffin
colony feed and frolic among the whales.

For more information about our wildlife and
nature areas please Contact us!



Photo courtesy of SATA
Photo courtesy of SATA



You may see wildlife in
our Nature Parks, or
just around the corner!